Wag of the Week | Hannah Davis

Hannah Davis

This Sports Illustrated dime piece has been on and off with Derek Jeter since 2012 reportedly, but she may be best known for her DIRECTV commercials featuring her horse and the babe in a lovely bikini.

Regardless of how you know her, we can all agree that she’s a beauty for the ages. Hence, this week’s Wag of the Week!



2015 Fantasy Football Running Back Rankings [Video]

2015 Fantasy Football Position Rankings | Running Backs

We’ve decided to switch things up a bit for our annual fantasy football rankings! Instead of the typical position-by-position list rankings, we’re going to make the 2015 NFL fantasy rankings exciting with our top-10 players’ 2014 highlight reels.

So, without further ado,  let’s get the party started!


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10. Alfred Morris – Washington Redskins

Morris nearly missed the cut, but there’s just something about a guy that simply does his job. He’s a hard-nosed runner that knows how to find the end zone and if the, umm… Redskins are going to have a shot at winning then he’s going to have to do just that time and time again. In order to finish in the top-10 this season, Morris will need to become a better pass catcher, and finish with rushing stats closer to his rookie and sophomore seasons. He did manage to rush for 1,074 yards, but that’s a far cry from his rookie year in which he posted 1,613 yards and 13 touchdowns.

Honorable Mention: C.J. Anderson – Denver Broncos, Jeremy Hill – Cincinnati Bengals, Mark Ingram – New Orleans Saints Continue reading